Agrana Fruit U.S. Upgrades to ASSISTics 5.0 and Implements Extended Raw Material Tracking

Paoli, PA – March 1, 2010 – ASSIST incorporated, a niche supplier of supply chain visibility and shop floor execution systems for the ADAGE user community, today announces that Agrana Fruit U.S. has upgraded to ASSISTics version 5.0 and implemented extended raw material tracking.

“Together, we designed and implemented a phase #3 scanning detail into our Botkins, Ohio, facility which enabled online lot trace on all raw materials from reception through the entire cook process including scheduling”, said Tony L. Kerns, Materials Control Manager. “The system has been GREAT. Their efforts were outstanding giving us 24 hour coverage for several weeks or as needed. The overall deliverable scope of this project exceeded expectations in the quality area. Our structured disciplined batch capabilities allow us to make very few if any errors. We have total visibility of our process in all ADMIN areas of real time batches in the ERP side. The real time consumption and trace audits are excellent and very user friendly.”

“Tony and the rest of the Agrana team did a great job putting together their vision of how to implement raw material preparation and tracking”, says Steve Carr, Senior Consultant with ASSIST. “It has been exciting to see just how much quality has increased and how quickly this project is paying for itself.”

About Agrana Fruit U.S.

AGRANA’s core expertise in fruit and fruit technology has earned them a position as international market leader. They have a company with remarkable product and market expertise around the world. AGRANA’s main operations are in the USA, France, Mexico, Austria and Poland, followed by Czech Republic, Australia, Korea, South Africa and Argentina, as well as operations in others areas around the world. Their major operating sector is fruit preparations for the fresh chilled dairy market and AGRANA is a premier supplier to the leading international and domestic brands. AGRANA’s intention is to continue to successfully extend its geographic coverage to establish a presence in new countries through export development, acquisitions, joint ventures and / or grass root investments.


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