ASSIST Releases The ASSISTics Advanced Scheduling Interfacing Toolkit

Paoli, PA – May 26, 2010 – ASSIST incorporated, a niche supplier of supply chain visibility and shop floor execution systems for the ADAGE user community, today announces that Sartomer Chemical has gone live with the ASSISTics Advanced Scheduling integration toolkit.

“We push a button and the schedule’s in ADAGE. Now our Supply Chain Visibility picture is complete. We know what we need to produce and buy and we know what we’ll be able to ship.” says John Piechule, Product Supply Manager at Sartomer USA. “These tools, used in conjunction with the ASSISTics Supply Chain Visibility package, truly complete the Supply Chain Visibility picture at Sartomer” says Charlie Pell, Director of Business Development at ASSIST. “Now the planning team can be sure that they have the right material in the right place at the right time and proactively address shortages throughout the supply chain.”


Founded in 1999, ASSIST is dedicated exclusively to the needs of the ADAGE user community. ASSIST has two closely related divisions. The consulting group delivers function and technical consulting for ADAGE users. The warehouse management group builds and installs ASSISTics, a comprehensive web solution that provides shop floor inventory management and supply chain visibility tools to the ADAGE user community. For more information about ASSIST, please visit our website at

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