Interplastic Corporation Licenses ASSISTics

Paoli, PA – April 1, 2011 – Interplastic Corporation, a niche manufacturer of specialty resins and gels located in Saint Paul MN has licensed the full suite of ASSISTics Supply Chain Visibility and Shop Floor Data Collection tools for its worldwide operations. “The secret to this business is having the right material in the right place at the right time,” says Charlie Pell, Business Development Director at ASSIST. “ASSISTics allows Interplastic to leverage the substantial investment it has already made in the ADAGE ERP system. It’s exactly what they needed.”

About Interplastic Corporation

Interplastic Corporation has been an industry leader in thermoset resin, gel coat and colorant research, design and development since 1959. Interplastic chemists and engineers work closely with their customers and suppliers to develop innovative solutions for product, manufacturing, and marketplace challenges. “Our goal is to help composites and cast polymer manufacturers build better, and longer-lasting products”.


Founded in 1999, ASSIST is dedicated exclusively to the needs of the ADAGE user community. ASSIST has two closely related divisions. The consulting group delivers function and technical consulting for ADAGE users. The warehouse management group builds and installs ASSISTics, a comprehensive web solution that provides shop floor inventory management and supply chain visibility tools to the ADAGE user community. For more information about ASSIST, please visit our website at

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