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Strategic Mobility Group and ASSIST Corporation Forge Partnership to Improve Inventory Accuracy and Traceability Within the Supply Chain

Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3), an innovative mobile technology and service provider, announced today its partnership with ASSIST Corporation, a leading manufacturer of supply chain and warehouse management software. Individually the companies provide an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving inventory accuracy and traceability. Combining strengths means that process manufacturers now have a complete solution, from hardware and software, through wireless networking, technical support and services.

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National Fish And Seafood Licenses ASSISTics

Paoli, PA – Nov 1, 2013 – National Fish and Seafood (NFS) has licensed a majority of the ASSISTics Supply Chain Management and Shop Floor Data Collection suite for their North American operations. The Supply Chain Visibility implementation is in progress and shop floor data collection will begin in the new year. “ADAGE has proven to be the right tool to run our business” says Andrew Marenghi I.T. manager at National Fish and Seafood. “ASSISTics has provided us with the additional tools we need to take advantage of our ADAGE efforts”. “Our Supply Chain Visibility tools will provide immediate benefit to NFS” says ASSIST’s president Mark Scanlon. “I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to make NFS more successful”.

About National Fish and Seafood

National Fish & Seafood has been supplying the Retail and Food Service sector for over 25 years with the highest quality selection of seafood items. Its customers range from large supermarket chains and retail wholesalers to food service distributors and restaurant chains. National is a full line seafood supplier that can accommodate all your frozen seafood needs.


Founded in 1999, ASSIST is dedicated exclusively to the needs of the ADAGE user community. ASSIST has two closely related divisions. The consulting group delivers function and technical consulting for ADAGE users. The warehouse management group builds and installs ASSISTics, a comprehensive web solution that provides shop floor inventory management and supply chain visibility tools to the ADAGE user community. For more information about ASSIST, please visit our website at

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Alpha Baking Goes Live With ASSISTics

Paoli, PA – April 1, 2013 – Alpha Baking, a national bread maker with substantial operations in the upper Midwest, has gone live with the ASSISTics shop floor data collection system. The Lyndale plant, located in the Chicago area is the first of many locations to roll out the ASSISTics solution.

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Roundy’s Licenses The Full ASSISTics Suite

Paoli, PA – March 1, 2013 – Roundy’s has licensed the full suite of ASSISTics Supply Chain Management and Shop Floor Data Collection tools for their Kenosha, Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Implementation is expected to be completed by summer.

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Alpha Baking Licenses ASSISTics

Paoli, PA – September 17, 2012 – ASSIST incorporated, a niche supplier of supply chain visibility and shop floor execution systems for the ADAGE user community, today announces that Alpha Baking has licensed ASSISTics for all of its manufacturing and distribution locations.

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ASSISTics on the iPod Solves Logistics Need at Franklin

Columbus, OH – June 4, 2012 – Franklin international moves 12 to 16 trailers of product a day between its facilities in Columbus OH. “The efficiency of our operation hinges on moving the right material at the right time in the right order” says Glen Steinke, Director of Logistics at Franklin. “We had to develop a system to prioritize our movements, and ASSISTics provided us with the perfect platform.”

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Polymerics Licenses and Goes Live with ASSISTics Supply Chain Visibility in Two Weeks

Paoli, PA – April 25, 2012 – ASSIST incorporated, a niche supplier of supply chain visibility and shop floor execution systems for the ADAGE user community, today announces that Polymerics has gone live with the ASSISTics Supply Chain Visibility suite. “Polymerics is excited to have ASSISTICS rolled out in our rubber mixing and chemical blending operations” says Tim Samples, CEO, Polymerics. “We have only been using the program for a couple of weeks and we have already reduced our daily materials planning worksheets from over sixty pages to one simple page that shows us exactly what we need to do that day. We anticipate being able to reduce our raw material inventory by $250,000 because of the efficiency and visibility ASSISTICS provides. Now anyone on our system can instantly see a simple snapshot of materials activity from planning, through ordering, production and shipping. We should have purchased ASSISTICS years ago.” “It’s clear that Polymerics is going to be able to significantly improve their inventory turns with the aid of ASSISTics” says Charlie Pell, Director of Business Development at ASSIST. “Most importantly, we have eliminated a significant amount of non-value added activity, freeing up personnel to pursue strategic initiatives the significantly improve the performance of the business.”

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Cumberland Packing, Manufacturer of Sweet’N Low, Goes Live with ASSISTics

Paoli, PA – October 31, 2011 – Cumberland Packing, manufacturer of Sweet N Low, Sugar in the Raw and other sweetener and flavoring products, has gone live with the ASSISTics warehouse management system at their Brooklyn location. “The ASSISTics and Cumberland team designed a very effective solution for our warehouse management needs” says CFO Peter Marshall. “The implementation went off without a hitch.” Charlie Pell, Business Development Manager at ASSIST agrees. “The group at Cumberland did a great job preparing for go live. Pallets were labeled correctly and operators were well trained. We expected to support go live for a week but we left after 3 days”.

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Cvista Goes Live on ASSISTics and ADAGE ERP

Paoli, PA – October 1, 2011 – Cvista, an innovative flavor ingredient company in Riverview FL goes live in joint implementation of ADAGE ERP and ASSISTics Supply Chain Management / Shop Floor Data Collection. ASSIST in partnership with Stratotec and Cvista were able to implement ADAGE ERP and ASSISTics in less than three weeks. “This implementation has to be one of the quickest ADAGE implementations ever”, says ASSIST President Mark Scanlon “Stratotec and the support personal at Infor were key in helping to simplify the ERP implementation process. What normally would take months has taken weeks!”

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Cvista LLC Licenses ASSISTics

Paoli, PA – August 23, 2011 – Cvista LLC, an innovative flavor ingredient company in Riverview FL has licensed the full suite of ASSISTics Supply Chain Management and Shop Floor Data Collection tools for their Riverview FL plant and warehouse. This implementation will be combined with a new implementation of ADAGE ERP. “We are looking forward to starting this implementation in the coming weeks”, says ASSIST President Mark Scanlon, “Cvista is a new company without a legacy system. They have a very knowledgeable staff, combined with our expertise in ADAGE, we should be able to implement in a very short time”.

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